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"We have been a part of the West End Family for three years. The love and dedication of the teachers and staff is unmatched! WECS has given such a strong spiritual and academic foundation for my children. There is such a strong sense of community within the school’s walls. We look forward to many more years spent here with the best of the best!"

Brittany Mason

Mother of Clay (K5) & Emmy (K2)

"As parents, we have been delighted to have our two younger children enrolled at West End Christian School for the past four years. The school's strong spiritual foundation has been a cornerstone of our children's education. All the staff, including the administration and teachers, are incredibly nurturing towards all the children, making a significant impact on their development. The teachers' genuine care and personable approach, coupled with the principal's kind and attentive demeanor, have created a supportive and caring environment where our children thrive both academically and emotionally. We are grateful for the dedication and compassion shown by the educators at West End Christian School."

The Fedrick Family

“We decided to send our children to WECS when we made the decision that we wanted our children to have a Christian based education and we are so thankful we did! WECS has a family feel and I know my children are loved and cared for each day while learning! They have grown so much in their time at WECS - spiritually, developmentally, and in their education! We have made lasting friendships with other families, love being involved at the school, and are excited for the future of WECS!”


The Lamb Family

Our family discovered West End Christian School during the pandemic while searching for an in person school alternative for our son. What was supposed to be an option for just one year has turned into our family registering our son this spring for our 5th year.  WECS is a wonderful little school where the staff not only know your children, but the entire family.  We love that WECS shares our Christian values and holds the children to a high standard both spiritually and academically. WECS is also fully accredited, which gives our family peace of mind knowing our children remain competitive with their peers. Our family has been blessed by WECS and we know your family will be as well. 

The Maynard Family

"There are various different benefits here at West End Christian School. One benefit here at WECS is that the students get one on one time with the teachers. Having one on one time with your teacher is crucial to your child's education. One on one time has allowed me to have a better understanding on how the teachers teach and it grows their relationship. The teachers and administration here at WECS make sure that your child is receiving the education they need to be given. WECS definitely makes sure that your child is learning about Christ, and that Christ is at the center of everything.  WECS has helped me travel through life. They have helped me learn more about God and grow a stronger relationship with God. Overall, West End is an amazing school and a great fit for your family."

In Christ,

Ryder Mullins

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